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Mandela and Idols


A great man passed away this week – Nelson Mandela.

Mandela and Idols

Many people spoke highly of him, and had a more intimate knowledge of the man than I did. I hope those who shout against his honor come to realize that no one is perfect (not even saints), but are called to do something that others are not. I think he was one of those called to be a great leader, and demonstrated that with that calling comes great personal sacrifice.

I sometimes wonder when people build statues to those they idolize, if they are cognizant of what was said in the bible regarding golden images. (Though admittedly most of these might be bronze or concrete.)

Still, it is a day to mourn as another person moves on to meet their maker.

So often we forget what others sacrifice to make this world a better place, be they struggling for human rights, fair wages, the end of mistreatment. It all boils down to dignity. If we are willing to accept the basic dignity of every human being, then we begin to move in the proper direction.

Mandela’s life was truly filled with moments to treasure, and I’m thankful to have watched some of his history unfold.

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