Moments to Treasure

Navigating Life's Journey


The Inspiration

Moments to Treasure was born out of the revelation that my granddaughter had Wilms tumor, a cancer that strikes children under 5 years old. The good news is it is highly curable, and her treatment is progressing well, and she’s responding well to it.

I have written spiritual reflections for many years (okay, over 5 may not be many to you, but it is to me!), and earlier this year I felt called to write something different. I mulled over writing a book with one line reflections with photos, maybe one for every week in the year.

After a while I was led to consider writing prayers, as I had written several in the past for friends. The idea was to cover the seasons of life, which I equated to the seasons of the year. Then we got the news, and I knew what I was going to do.

The Book

The book, Moments to Treasure, Prayers for Navigating Life’s Journey, came to completion in November and is now available on Amazon here and the CreateSpace eStore here.

In addition, if you go to the publisher’s website, they offer the book with your cover on it, to use as a personalized gift or fundraiser.

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